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package slice

import "github.com/hyperledger/burrow/util/slice"


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func Concat Uses

func Concat(slices ...[]interface{}) []interface{}

Concatenate slices into a single slice

func CopyAppend Uses

func CopyAppend(slice []interface{}, elements ...interface{}) []interface{}

Like append but on the interface{} type and always to a fresh backing array so can be used safely with slices over arrays you did not create.

func CopyPrepend Uses

func CopyPrepend(slice []interface{}, elements ...interface{}) []interface{}

Prepend elements to slice in the order they appear

func DeepFlatten Uses

func DeepFlatten(slice []interface{}, depth int) []interface{}

Recursively flattens a list by splicing any sub-lists into their parent until depth is reached. If a negative number is passed for depth then it continues until no elements of the returned list are lists

func Delete Uses

func Delete(slice []interface{}, i int, n int) []interface{}

Deletes n elements starting with the ith from a slice by splicing. Beware uses append so the underlying backing array will be modified!

func EmptySlice Uses

func EmptySlice() []interface{}

func Flatten Uses

func Flatten(slice []interface{}) []interface{}

Flatten a slice by a list by splicing any elements of the list that are themselves lists into the slice elements to the list in place of slice itself

func Slice Uses

func Slice(elements ...interface{}) []interface{}

Convenience function

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