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package healthz

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-lib-go/healthz"

Package healthz provides an HTTP handler which returns the health status of one or more components of an application or service.


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const (
    // StatusOK is returned if all health checks pass.
    StatusOK = "OK"
    // StatusUnavailable is returned if any health check fails.
    StatusUnavailable = "Service Unavailable"

type AlreadyRegisteredError Uses

type AlreadyRegisteredError string

func (AlreadyRegisteredError) Error Uses

func (are AlreadyRegisteredError) Error() string

type FailedCheck Uses

type FailedCheck struct {
    Component string `json:"component"`
    Reason    string `json:"reason"`

FailedCheck represents a failed status check for a component.

type HealthChecker Uses

type HealthChecker interface {
    HealthCheck(context.Context) error

HealthChecker defines the interface components must implement in order to register with the Handler in order to be included in the health status. HealthCheck is passed a context with a Done channel which is closed due to a timeout or cancellation.

type HealthHandler Uses

type HealthHandler struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

HealthHandler is responsible for executing registered health checks. It provides an HTTP handler which returns the health status for all registered components.

func NewHealthHandler Uses

func NewHealthHandler() *HealthHandler

NewHealthHandler returns a new HealthHandler instance.

func (*HealthHandler) DeregisterChecker Uses

func (h *HealthHandler) DeregisterChecker(component string)

DeregisterChecker deregisters a named HealthChecker.

func (*HealthHandler) RegisterChecker Uses

func (h *HealthHandler) RegisterChecker(component string, checker HealthChecker) error

RegisterChecker registers a HealthChecker for a named component and adds it to the list of status checks to run. It returns an error if the component has already been registered.

func (*HealthHandler) RunChecks Uses

func (h *HealthHandler) RunChecks(ctx context.Context) []FailedCheck

RunChecks runs all healthCheckers and returns any failures.

func (*HealthHandler) ServeHTTP Uses

func (h *HealthHandler) ServeHTTP(rw http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)

ServerHTTP is an HTTP handler (see http.Handler) which can be used as an HTTP endpoint for health checks. If all registered checks pass, it returns an HTTP status `200 OK` with a JSON payload of `{"status": "OK"}`. If all checks do not pass, it returns an HTTP status `503 Service Unavailable` with a JSON payload of `{"status": "Service Unavailable","failed_checks":[...]}.

func (*HealthHandler) SetTimeout Uses

func (h *HealthHandler) SetTimeout(timeout time.Duration)

SetTimeout sets the timeout for handling HTTP requests. If not explicitly set, defaults to 30 seconds.

type HealthStatus Uses

type HealthStatus struct {
    Status       string        `json:"status"`
    Time         time.Time     `json:"time"`
    FailedChecks []FailedCheck `json:"failed_checks,omitempty"`

HealthStatus represents the current health status of all registered components.


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