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package cryptosuitebridge

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/internal/github.com/hyperledger/fabric-ca/sdkpatch/cryptosuitebridge"


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const (
    ECDSA            = bccsp.ECDSA
    ECDSAP256        = bccsp.ECDSAP256
    ECDSAP384        = bccsp.ECDSAP384
    ECDSAReRand      = bccsp.ECDSAReRand
    AES              = bccsp.AES
    AES128           = bccsp.AES128
    AES192           = bccsp.AES192
    AES256           = bccsp.AES256
    HMAC             = bccsp.HMAC
    HMACTruncated256 = bccsp.HMACTruncated256
    SHA              = bccsp.SHA
    SHA2             = bccsp.SHA2
    SHA3             = bccsp.SHA3
    SHA256           = bccsp.SHA256
    SHA384           = bccsp.SHA384
    SHA3_256         = bccsp.SHA3_256
    SHA3_384         = bccsp.SHA3_384
    X509Certificate  = bccsp.X509Certificate

func GetDefault Uses

func GetDefault() core.CryptoSuite

GetDefault returns default cryptosuite from bccsp factory default

func GetECDSAKeyGenOpts Uses

func GetECDSAKeyGenOpts(ephemeral bool) core.KeyGenOpts

GetECDSAKeyGenOpts returns options for ECDSA key generation.

func GetECDSAP256KeyGenOpts Uses

func GetECDSAP256KeyGenOpts(ephemeral bool) core.KeyGenOpts

GetECDSAP256KeyGenOpts returns options for ECDSA key generation with curve P-256.

func GetECDSAP384KeyGenOpts Uses

func GetECDSAP384KeyGenOpts(ephemeral bool) core.KeyGenOpts

GetECDSAP384KeyGenOpts options for ECDSA key generation with curve P-384.

func GetECDSAPrivateKeyImportOpts Uses

func GetECDSAPrivateKeyImportOpts(ephemeral bool) core.KeyImportOpts

GetECDSAPrivateKeyImportOpts options for ECDSA secret key importation in DER format or PKCS#8 format.

func GetSHA256Opts Uses

func GetSHA256Opts() core.HashOpts

GetSHA256Opts returns options relating to SHA-256.

func GetSHAOpts Uses

func GetSHAOpts() core.HashOpts

GetSHAOpts returns options for computing SHA.

func GetX509PublicKeyImportOpts Uses

func GetX509PublicKeyImportOpts(ephemeral bool) core.KeyImportOpts

GetX509PublicKeyImportOpts options for importing public keys from an x509 certificate

func NewCspSigner Uses

func NewCspSigner(csp core.CryptoSuite, key core.Key) (crypto.Signer, error)

NewCspSigner is a bridge for bccsp signer.New call

func PEMtoPrivateKey Uses

func PEMtoPrivateKey(raw []byte, pwd []byte) (interface{}, error)

PEMtoPrivateKey is a bridge for bccsp utils.PEMtoPrivateKey()

func PrivateKeyToDER Uses

func PrivateKeyToDER(privateKey *ecdsa.PrivateKey) ([]byte, error)

PrivateKeyToDER marshals is bridge for utils.PrivateKeyToDER

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