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package util

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/internal/github.com/hyperledger/fabric-ca/util"


Package Files

csp.go util.go


const SecretTag = "mask"

SecretTag to tag a field as secret as in password, token


var (

    // ErrNotImplemented used to return errors for functions not implemented
    ErrNotImplemented = errors.New("NOT YET IMPLEMENTED")
var RevocationReasonCodes = map[string]int{
    "unspecified":          ocsp.Unspecified,
    "keycompromise":        ocsp.KeyCompromise,
    "cacompromise":         ocsp.CACompromise,
    "affiliationchanged":   ocsp.AffiliationChanged,
    "superseded":           ocsp.Superseded,
    "cessationofoperation": ocsp.CessationOfOperation,
    "certificatehold":      ocsp.CertificateHold,
    "removefromcrl":        ocsp.RemoveFromCRL,
    "privilegewithdrawn":   ocsp.PrivilegeWithdrawn,
    "aacompromise":         ocsp.AACompromise,

RevocationReasonCodes is a map between string reason codes to integers as defined in RFC 5280

var URLRegex = regexp.MustCompile("(ldap|http)s*://(\\S+):(\\S+)@")

URLRegex is the regular expression to check if a value is an URL

func B64Decode Uses

func B64Decode(str string) (buf []byte, err error)

B64Decode base64 decodes a string

func B64Encode Uses

func B64Encode(buf []byte) string

B64Encode base64 encodes bytes

func BCCSPKeyRequestGenerate Uses

func BCCSPKeyRequestGenerate(req *csr.CertificateRequest, myCSP core.CryptoSuite) (core.Key, crypto.Signer, error)

BCCSPKeyRequestGenerate generates keys through BCCSP somewhat mirroring to cfssl/req.KeyRequest.Generate()

func CreateToken Uses

func CreateToken(csp core.CryptoSuite, cert []byte, key core.Key, method, uri string, body []byte, fabCACompatibilityMode bool) (string, error)

func FileExists Uses

func FileExists(name string) bool

FileExists checks to see if a file exists

func GenECDSAToken Uses

func GenECDSAToken(csp core.CryptoSuite, cert []byte, key core.Key, method, uri string, body []byte, fabCACompatibilityMode bool) (string, error)

GenECDSAToken signs the http body and cert with ECDSA using EC private key

func GetEnrollmentIDFromPEM Uses

func GetEnrollmentIDFromPEM(cert []byte) (string, error)

GetEnrollmentIDFromPEM returns the EnrollmentID from a PEM buffer

func GetEnrollmentIDFromX509Certificate Uses

func GetEnrollmentIDFromX509Certificate(cert *x509.Certificate) string

GetEnrollmentIDFromX509Certificate returns the EnrollmentID from the X509 certificate

func GetMaskedURL Uses

func GetMaskedURL(url string) string

GetMaskedURL returns masked URL. It masks username and password from the URL if present

func GetSerialAsHex Uses

func GetSerialAsHex(serial *big.Int) string

GetSerialAsHex returns the serial number from certificate as hex format

func GetSignerFromCert Uses

func GetSignerFromCert(cert *x509.Certificate, csp core.CryptoSuite) (core.Key, crypto.Signer, error)

GetSignerFromCert load private key represented by ski and return bccsp signer that conforms to crypto.Signer

func GetSignerFromCertFile Uses

func GetSignerFromCertFile(certFile string, csp core.CryptoSuite) (core.Key, crypto.Signer, *x509.Certificate, error)

GetSignerFromCertFile load skiFile and load private key represented by ski and return bccsp signer that conforms to crypto.Signer

func GetX509CertificateFromPEM Uses

func GetX509CertificateFromPEM(cert []byte) (*x509.Certificate, error)

GetX509CertificateFromPEM get an X509 certificate from bytes in PEM format

func HTTPRequestToString Uses

func HTTPRequestToString(req *http.Request) string

HTTPRequestToString returns a string for an HTTP request for debuggging

func HTTPResponseToString Uses

func HTTPResponseToString(resp *http.Response) string

HTTPResponseToString returns a string for an HTTP response for debuggging

func ImportBCCSPKeyFromPEM Uses

func ImportBCCSPKeyFromPEM(keyFile string, myCSP core.CryptoSuite, temporary bool) (core.Key, error)

ImportBCCSPKeyFromPEM attempts to create a private BCCSP key from a pem file keyFile

func ImportBCCSPKeyFromPEMBytes Uses

func ImportBCCSPKeyFromPEMBytes(keyBuff []byte, myCSP core.CryptoSuite, temporary bool) (core.Key, error)

ImportBCCSPKeyFromPEMBytes attempts to create a private BCCSP key from a pem byte slice

func LoadX509KeyPair Uses

func LoadX509KeyPair(certFile, keyFile []byte, csp core.CryptoSuite) (*tls.Certificate, error)

LoadX509KeyPair reads and parses a public/private key pair from a pair of files. The files must contain PEM encoded data. The certificate file may contain intermediate certificates following the leaf certificate to form a certificate chain. On successful return, Certificate.Leaf will be nil because the parsed form of the certificate is not retained.

This function originated from crypto/tls/tls.go and was adapted to use a BCCSP Signer

func MakeFileAbs Uses

func MakeFileAbs(file, dir string) (string, error)

MakeFileAbs makes 'file' absolute relative to 'dir' if not already absolute

func Marshal Uses

func Marshal(from interface{}, what string) ([]byte, error)

Marshal to bytes

func ReadFile Uses

func ReadFile(file string) ([]byte, error)

ReadFile reads a file

func StructToString Uses

func StructToString(si interface{}) string

StructToString converts a struct to a string. If a field has a 'secret' tag, it is masked in the returned string

func WriteFile Uses

func WriteFile(file string, buf []byte, perm os.FileMode) error

WriteFile writes a file

type ECDSASignature Uses

type ECDSASignature struct {
    R, S *big.Int

ECDSASignature forms the structure for R and S value for ECDSA

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