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package sw

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/internal/github.com/hyperledger/fabric/bccsp/factory/sw"

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const (
    // SoftwareBasedFactoryName is the name of the factory of the software-based BCCSP implementation
    SoftwareBasedFactoryName = "SW"

type DummyKeystoreOpts Uses

type DummyKeystoreOpts struct{}

type FileKeystoreOpts Uses

type FileKeystoreOpts struct {
    KeyStorePath string `mapstructure:"keystore" yaml:"KeyStore"`

Pluggable Keystores, could add JKS, P12, etc..

type InmemKeystoreOpts Uses

type InmemKeystoreOpts struct{}

InmemKeystoreOpts - empty, as there is no config for the in-memory keystore

type SWFactory Uses

type SWFactory struct{}

SWFactory is the factory of the software-based BCCSP.

func (*SWFactory) Get Uses

func (f *SWFactory) Get(swOpts *SwOpts) (bccsp.BCCSP, error)

Get returns an instance of BCCSP using Opts.

func (*SWFactory) Name Uses

func (f *SWFactory) Name() string

Name returns the name of this factory

type SwOpts Uses

type SwOpts struct {
    // Default algorithms when not specified (Deprecated?)
    SecLevel   int    `mapstructure:"security" json:"security" yaml:"Security"`
    HashFamily string `mapstructure:"hash" json:"hash" yaml:"Hash"`

    // Keystore Options
    Ephemeral     bool               `mapstructure:"tempkeys,omitempty" json:"tempkeys,omitempty"`
    FileKeystore  *FileKeystoreOpts  `mapstructure:"filekeystore,omitempty" json:"filekeystore,omitempty" yaml:"FileKeyStore"`
    DummyKeystore *DummyKeystoreOpts `mapstructure:"dummykeystore,omitempty" json:"dummykeystore,omitempty"`
    InmemKeystore *InmemKeystoreOpts `mapstructure:"inmemkeystore,omitempty" json:"inmemkeystore,omitempty"`

SwOpts contains options for the SWFactory

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