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package sw

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/pkg/core/cryptosuite/bccsp/sw"


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func GetSuite Uses

func GetSuite(securityLevel int, hashFamily string, keyStore bccsp.KeyStore) (core.CryptoSuite, error)

GetSuite returns a new instance of the software-based BCCSP set at the passed security level, hash family and KeyStore.

func GetSuiteByConfig Uses

func GetSuiteByConfig(config core.CryptoSuiteConfig) (core.CryptoSuite, error)

GetSuiteByConfig returns cryptosuite adaptor for bccsp loaded according to given config

func GetSuiteWithDefaultEphemeral Uses

func GetSuiteWithDefaultEphemeral() (core.CryptoSuite, error)

GetSuiteWithDefaultEphemeral returns cryptosuite adaptor for bccsp with default ephemeral options (intended to aid testing)

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