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package defmsp

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/pkg/fabsdk/factory/defmsp"


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type ProviderFactory Uses

type ProviderFactory struct {

ProviderFactory represents the default MSP provider factory.

func NewProviderFactory Uses

func NewProviderFactory() *ProviderFactory

NewProviderFactory returns the default MSP provider factory.

func (*ProviderFactory) CreateIdentityManagerProvider Uses

func (f *ProviderFactory) CreateIdentityManagerProvider(endpointConfig fab.EndpointConfig, cryptoProvider core.CryptoSuite, userStore msp.UserStore) (msp.IdentityManagerProvider, error)

CreateIdentityManagerProvider returns a new default implementation of MSP provider

func (*ProviderFactory) CreateUserStore Uses

func (f *ProviderFactory) CreateUserStore(config msp.IdentityConfig) (msp.UserStore, error)

CreateUserStore creates a UserStore using the SDK's default implementation

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