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package defsvc

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/pkg/fabsdk/factory/defsvc"


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type ProviderFactory Uses

type ProviderFactory struct{}

ProviderFactory represents the default SDK provider factory for services.

func NewProviderFactory Uses

func NewProviderFactory() *ProviderFactory

NewProviderFactory returns the default SDK provider factory for services.

func (*ProviderFactory) CreateChannelProvider Uses

func (f *ProviderFactory) CreateChannelProvider(config fab.EndpointConfig, opts ...options.Opt) (fab.ChannelProvider, error)

CreateChannelProvider returns a new default implementation of channel provider

func (*ProviderFactory) CreateLocalDiscoveryProvider Uses

func (f *ProviderFactory) CreateLocalDiscoveryProvider(config fab.EndpointConfig) (fab.LocalDiscoveryProvider, error)

CreateLocalDiscoveryProvider returns a static local discovery provider. This should be changed to use the dynamic provider when Fabric 1.1 is no longer supported

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