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package protolator

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/pkg/util/protolator"


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func DeepMarshalJSON Uses

func DeepMarshalJSON(w io.Writer, msg proto.Message) error

DeepMarshalJSON marshals msg to w as JSON, but instead of marshaling bytes fields which contain nested marshaled messages as base64 (like the standard proto encoding), these nested messages are remarshaled as the JSON representation of those messages. This is done so that the JSON representation is as non-binary and human readable as possible.

func DeepUnmarshalJSON Uses

func DeepUnmarshalJSON(r io.Reader, msg proto.Message) error

DeepUnmarshalJSON takes JSON output as generated by DeepMarshalJSON and decodes it into msg This includes re-marshaling the expanded nested elements to binary form

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