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package integration

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric-sdk-go/test/integration"


Package Files

base_test_setup.go env.go prepare.go utils.go


const (
    ExampleCCInitB    = "200"
    ExampleCCUpgradeB = "400"
    AdminUser         = "Admin"
    OrdererOrgName    = "OrdererOrg"

Initial B values for ExampleCC

const (

    //ConfigPathSingleOrg single org version of 'configPath' for testing discovery
    ConfigPathSingleOrg = "${FABRIC_SDK_GO_PROJECT_PATH}/test/fixtures/config/config_e2e_single_org.yaml"


var ConfigBackend = fetchConfigBackend(configPath, entityMatcherLocal)

ConfigBackend contains config backend for integration tests

func AddLocalEntityMapping Uses

func AddLocalEntityMapping(configProvider core.ConfigProvider) core.ConfigProvider

AddLocalEntityMapping adds local test entity mapping to config backend and returns updated config provider

func CleanupTestPath Uses

func CleanupTestPath(t *testing.T, storePath string)

CleanupTestPath removes the contents of a state store.

func CleanupUserData Uses

func CleanupUserData(t *testing.T, sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK)

CleanupUserData removes user data.

func CreateChannelAndUpdateAnchorPeers Uses

func CreateChannelAndUpdateAnchorPeers(t *testing.T, sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, channelID string, channelConfigFile string, orgsContext []*OrgContext) error

CreateChannelAndUpdateAnchorPeers creates the channel and updates all of the anchor peers for all orgs

func DiscoverLocalPeers Uses

func DiscoverLocalPeers(ctxProvider contextAPI.ClientProvider, expectedPeers int) ([]fabAPI.Peer, error)

DiscoverLocalPeers queries the local peers for the given MSP context and returns all of the peers. If the number of peers does not match the expected number then an error is returned.

func EnsureChannelCreatedAndPeersJoined Uses

func EnsureChannelCreatedAndPeersJoined(t *testing.T, sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, channelID string, channelTxFile string, orgsContext []*OrgContext) error

EnsureChannelCreatedAndPeersJoined creates a channel, joins all peers in the given orgs to the channel and updates the anchor peers of each org.

func ExampleCCDefaultQueryArgs Uses

func ExampleCCDefaultQueryArgs() [][]byte

ExampleCCDefaultQueryArgs returns example cc query args

func ExampleCCDefaultTxArgs Uses

func ExampleCCDefaultTxArgs() [][]byte

ExampleCCDefaultTxArgs returns example cc move funds args

func ExampleCCInitArgs Uses

func ExampleCCInitArgs() [][]byte

ExampleCCInitArgs returns example cc initialization args

func ExampleCCQueryArgs Uses

func ExampleCCQueryArgs(key string) [][]byte

ExampleCCQueryArgs returns example cc query args

func ExampleCCTxArgs Uses

func ExampleCCTxArgs(from, to, val string) [][]byte

ExampleCCTxArgs returns example cc query args

func ExampleCCTxRandomSetArgs Uses

func ExampleCCTxRandomSetArgs() [][]byte

ExampleCCTxRandomSetArgs returns example cc set args with random key-value pairs

func ExampleCCTxSetArgs Uses

func ExampleCCTxSetArgs(key, value string) [][]byte

ExampleCCTxSetArgs sets the given key value in examplecc

func ExampleCCUpgradeArgs Uses

func ExampleCCUpgradeArgs() [][]byte

ExampleCCUpgradeArgs returns example cc upgrade args

func FilterTargetsJoinedChannel Uses

func FilterTargetsJoinedChannel(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, orgID string, channelID string, targets []string) ([]string, error)

FilterTargetsJoinedChannel filters targets to those that have joined the named channel.

func GenerateExampleID Uses

func GenerateExampleID(randomize bool) string

GenerateExampleID supplies a chaincode name for example_cc

func GenerateExamplePvtID Uses

func GenerateExamplePvtID(randomize bool) string

GenerateExamplePvtID supplies a chaincode name for example_pvt_cc

func GenerateRandomID Uses

func GenerateRandomID() string

GenerateRandomID generates random ID

func GetChannelConfigTxPath Uses

func GetChannelConfigTxPath(filename string) string

GetChannelConfigTxPath returns the path to the named channel config file

func GetConfigOverridesPath Uses

func GetConfigOverridesPath(filename string) string

GetConfigOverridesPath returns the path to the named config override fixture file

func GetConfigPath Uses

func GetConfigPath(filename string) string

GetConfigPath returns the path to the named config fixture file

func GetCryptoConfigPath Uses

func GetCryptoConfigPath(filename string) string

GetCryptoConfigPath returns the path to the named crypto-config override fixture file

func GetDeployPath Uses

func GetDeployPath() string

GetDeployPath returns the path to the chaincode fixtures

func GetKeyName Uses

func GetKeyName(t *testing.T) string

GetKeyName creates random key name based on test name

func HasPeerJoinedChannel Uses

func HasPeerJoinedChannel(client *resmgmt.Client, target string, channel string) (bool, error)

HasPeerJoinedChannel checks whether the peer has already joined the channel. It returns true if it has, false otherwise, or an error

func InitializeChannel Uses

func InitializeChannel(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, orgID string, req resmgmt.SaveChannelRequest, targets []string) error

InitializeChannel ...

func InstallChaincode Uses

func InstallChaincode(resMgmt *resmgmt.Client, ccPkg *resource.CCPackage, ccPath, ccName, ccVersion string, localPeers []fabAPI.Peer) error

InstallChaincode installs the given chaincode to the given peers

func InstallChaincodeWithOrgContexts Uses

func InstallChaincodeWithOrgContexts(orgs []*OrgContext, ccPkg *resource.CCPackage, ccPath, ccID, ccVersion string) error

InstallChaincodeWithOrgContexts installs the given chaincode to orgs

func InstallExampleChaincode Uses

func InstallExampleChaincode(orgs []*OrgContext, ccID string) error

InstallExampleChaincode installs the example chaincode to all peers in the given orgs

func InstallExamplePvtChaincode Uses

func InstallExamplePvtChaincode(orgs []*OrgContext, ccID string) error

InstallExamplePvtChaincode installs the example pvt chaincode to all peers in the given orgs

func InstantiateChaincode Uses

func InstantiateChaincode(resMgmt *resmgmt.Client, channelID, ccName, ccPath, ccVersion string, ccPolicyStr string, args [][]byte, collConfigs ...*cb.CollectionConfig) (resmgmt.InstantiateCCResponse, error)

InstantiateChaincode instantiates the given chaincode to the given channel

func InstantiateExampleChaincode Uses

func InstantiateExampleChaincode(orgs []*OrgContext, channelID, ccID, ccPolicy string, collConfigs ...*cb.CollectionConfig) error

InstantiateExampleChaincode instantiates the example CC on the given channel

func InstantiateExamplePvtChaincode Uses

func InstantiateExamplePvtChaincode(orgs []*OrgContext, channelID, ccID, ccPolicy string, collConfigs ...*cb.CollectionConfig) error

InstantiateExamplePvtChaincode instantiates the example pvt CC on the given channel

func IsDynamicDiscoverySupported Uses

func IsDynamicDiscoverySupported() bool

IsDynamicDiscoverySupported returns if fabric version on which tests are running supports dynamic discovery any version greater than v1.1 supports dynamic discovery

func IsJoinedChannel Uses

func IsJoinedChannel(channelID string, resMgmtClient *resmgmt.Client, peer fabAPI.Peer) (bool, error)

IsJoinedChannel returns true if the given peer has joined the given channel

func IsLocal Uses

func IsLocal() bool

IsLocal checks os argument and returns true if 'testLocal=true' argument found

func JoinChannel Uses

func JoinChannel(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, name, orgID string, targets []string) (bool, error)

JoinChannel attempts to save the named channel.

func JoinPeersToChannel Uses

func JoinPeersToChannel(channelID string, orgsContext []*OrgContext) error

JoinPeersToChannel joins all peers in all of the given orgs to the given channel

func OrgTargetPeers Uses

func OrgTargetPeers(orgs []string, configBackend ...core.ConfigBackend) ([]string, error)

OrgTargetPeers determines peer endpoints for orgs

func PrepareExampleCC Uses

func PrepareExampleCC(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, user fabsdk.ContextOption, orgName string, chaincodeID string) error

PrepareExampleCC install and instantiate using resource management client

func ResetKeys Uses

func ResetKeys(t *testing.T, ctx contextAPI.ChannelProvider, chaincodeID, value string, keys ...string)

ResetKeys resets given set of keys in example cc to given value

func SaveChannel Uses

func SaveChannel(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, req resmgmt.SaveChannelRequest) (bool, error)

SaveChannel attempts to save (create or update) the named channel.

func UpgradeChaincode Uses

func UpgradeChaincode(resMgmt *resmgmt.Client, channelID, ccName, ccPath, ccVersion string, ccPolicyStr string, args [][]byte, collConfigs ...*cb.CollectionConfig) (resmgmt.UpgradeCCResponse, error)

UpgradeChaincode upgrades the given chaincode on the given channel

func UpgradeExamplePvtChaincode Uses

func UpgradeExamplePvtChaincode(orgs []*OrgContext, channelID, ccID, ccPolicy string, collConfigs ...*cb.CollectionConfig) error

UpgradeExamplePvtChaincode upgrades the instantiated example pvt CC on the given channel

func WaitForOrdererConfigUpdate Uses

func WaitForOrdererConfigUpdate(t *testing.T, client *resmgmt.Client, channelID string, genesis bool, lastConfigBlock uint64) uint64

WaitForOrdererConfigUpdate waits until the config block update has been committed. In Fabric 1.0 there is a bug that panics the orderer if more than one config update is added to the same block. This function may be invoked after each config update as a workaround.

type BaseSetupImpl Uses

type BaseSetupImpl struct {
    Identity            msp.Identity
    Targets             []string
    ConfigFile          string
    OrgID               string
    ChannelID           string
    ChannelConfigTxFile string

BaseSetupImpl implementation of BaseTestSetup

func (*BaseSetupImpl) Initialize Uses

func (setup *BaseSetupImpl) Initialize(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK) error

Initialize reads configuration from file and sets up client and channel

type OrgContext Uses

type OrgContext struct {
    OrgID                string
    CtxProvider          contextAPI.ClientProvider
    SigningIdentity      msp.SigningIdentity
    ResMgmt              *resmgmt.Client
    Peers                []fabAPI.Peer
    AnchorPeerConfigFile string

OrgContext provides SDK client context for a given org

func SetupMultiOrgContext Uses

func SetupMultiOrgContext(sdk *fabsdk.FabricSDK, org1Name string, org2Name string, org1AdminUser string, org2AdminUser string) ([]*OrgContext, error)

SetupMultiOrgContext creates an OrgContext for two organizations in the org channel.



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