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package cauthdsl

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/common/cauthdsl"


Package Files

cauthdsl.go policy.go

func NewPolicyProvider Uses

func NewPolicyProvider(deserializer msp.IdentityDeserializer) policies.Provider

NewPolicyProvider provides a policy generator for cauthdsl type policies

type EnvelopeBasedPolicyProvider Uses

type EnvelopeBasedPolicyProvider struct {
    Deserializer msp.IdentityDeserializer

EnvelopeBasedPolicyProvider allows to create a new policy from SignaturePolicyEnvelope struct instead of []byte

func (*EnvelopeBasedPolicyProvider) NewPolicy Uses

func (pp *EnvelopeBasedPolicyProvider) NewPolicy(sigPolicy *cb.SignaturePolicyEnvelope) (policies.Policy, error)

NewPolicy creates a new policy from the policy envelope

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