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package deliver

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/common/deliver"


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acl.go deliver.go metrics.go

func ExtractChannelHeaderCertHash Uses

func ExtractChannelHeaderCertHash(msg proto.Message) []byte

ExtractChannelHeaderCertHash extracts the TLS cert hash from a channel header.

type Chain Uses

type Chain interface {
    // Sequence returns the current config sequence number, can be used to detect config changes
    Sequence() uint64

    // PolicyManager returns the current policy manager as specified by the chain configuration
    PolicyManager() policies.Manager

    // Reader returns the chain Reader for the chain
    Reader() blockledger.Reader

    // Errored returns a channel which closes when the backing consenter has errored
    Errored() <-chan struct{}

Chain encapsulates chain operations and data.

type ChainManager Uses

type ChainManager interface {
    GetChain(chainID string) Chain

ChainManager provides a way for the Handler to look up the Chain.

type ConfigSequencer Uses

type ConfigSequencer interface {
    Sequence() uint64

ConfigSequencer provides the sequence number of the current config block.

type ExpiresAtFunc Uses

type ExpiresAtFunc func(identityBytes []byte) time.Time

ExpiresAtFunc is used to extract the time at which an identity expires.

type Filtered Uses

type Filtered interface {
    IsFiltered() bool

Filtered is a marker interface that indicates a response sender is configured to send filtered blocks Note: this is replaced by "data_type" label. Keep it for now until we decide how to take care of compatibility issue.

type Handler Uses

type Handler struct {
    ExpirationCheckFunc func(identityBytes []byte) time.Time
    ChainManager        ChainManager
    TimeWindow          time.Duration
    BindingInspector    Inspector
    Metrics             *Metrics

Handler handles server requests.

func NewHandler Uses

func NewHandler(cm ChainManager, timeWindow time.Duration, mutualTLS bool, metrics *Metrics, expirationCheckDisabled bool) *Handler

NewHandler creates an implementation of the Handler interface.

func (*Handler) Handle Uses

func (h *Handler) Handle(ctx context.Context, srv *Server) error

Handle receives incoming deliver requests.

type Inspector Uses

type Inspector interface {
    Inspect(context.Context, proto.Message) error

Inspector verifies an appropriate binding between the message and the context.

type InspectorFunc Uses

type InspectorFunc func(context.Context, proto.Message) error

The InspectorFunc is an adapter that allows the use of an ordinary function as an Inspector.

func (InspectorFunc) Inspect Uses

func (inspector InspectorFunc) Inspect(ctx context.Context, p proto.Message) error

Inspect calls inspector(ctx, p)

type Metrics Uses

type Metrics struct {
    StreamsOpened     metrics.Counter
    StreamsClosed     metrics.Counter
    RequestsReceived  metrics.Counter
    RequestsCompleted metrics.Counter
    BlocksSent        metrics.Counter

func NewMetrics Uses

func NewMetrics(p metrics.Provider) *Metrics

type PolicyChecker Uses

type PolicyChecker interface {
    CheckPolicy(envelope *cb.Envelope, channelID string) error

PolicyChecker checks the envelope against the policy logic supplied by the function.

type PolicyCheckerFunc Uses

type PolicyCheckerFunc func(envelope *cb.Envelope, channelID string) error

The PolicyCheckerFunc is an adapter that allows the use of an ordinary function as a PolicyChecker.

func (PolicyCheckerFunc) CheckPolicy Uses

func (pcf PolicyCheckerFunc) CheckPolicy(envelope *cb.Envelope, channelID string) error

CheckPolicy calls pcf(envelope, channelID)

type Receiver Uses

type Receiver interface {
    Recv() (*cb.Envelope, error)

Receiver is used to receive enveloped seek requests.

type ResponseSender Uses

type ResponseSender interface {
    // SendStatusResponse sends completion status to the client.
    SendStatusResponse(status cb.Status) error
    // SendBlockResponse sends the block and optionally private data to the client.
    SendBlockResponse(data *cb.Block, channelID string, chain Chain, signedData *protoutil.SignedData) error
    // DataType returns the data type sent by the sender
    DataType() string

ResponseSender defines the interface a handler must implement to send responses.

type Server Uses

type Server struct {

Server is a polymorphic structure to support generalization of this handler to be able to deliver different type of responses.

type SessionAccessControl Uses

type SessionAccessControl struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

SessionAccessControl holds access control related data for a common Envelope that is used to determine if a request is allowed for the identity associated with the request envelope.

func NewSessionAC Uses

func NewSessionAC(chain ConfigSequencer, env *common.Envelope, policyChecker PolicyChecker, channelID string, expiresAt ExpiresAtFunc) (*SessionAccessControl, error)

NewSessionAC creates an instance of SessionAccessControl. This constructor will return an error if a signature header cannot be extracted from the envelope.

func (*SessionAccessControl) Evaluate Uses

func (ac *SessionAccessControl) Evaluate() error

Evaluate uses the PolicyChecker to determine if a request should be allowed. The decision is cached until the identity expires or the chain configuration changes.


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