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package testutil

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/common/ledger/testutil"


Package Files

test_helper.go test_util.go

func ConstructBlock Uses

func ConstructBlock(t *testing.T, blockNum uint64, previousHash []byte, simulationResults [][]byte, sign bool) *common.Block

ConstructBlock constructs a single block

func ConstructBlockFromBlockDetails Uses

func ConstructBlockFromBlockDetails(t *testing.T, blockDetails *BlockDetails, sign bool) *common.Block

func ConstructBlockWithTxid Uses

func ConstructBlockWithTxid(t *testing.T, blockNum uint64, previousHash []byte, simulationResults [][]byte, txids []string, sign bool) *common.Block

func ConstructBytesProposalResponsePayload Uses

func ConstructBytesProposalResponsePayload(version string, simulationResults []byte) ([]byte, error)

ConstructBytesProposalResponsePayload constructs a ProposalResponse byte with given chaincode version and simulationResults for testing

func ConstructRandomBytes Uses

func ConstructRandomBytes(t testing.TB, size int) []byte

ConstructRandomBytes constructs random bytes of given size

func ConstructTestBlock Uses

func ConstructTestBlock(t *testing.T, blockNum uint64, numTx int, txSize int) *common.Block

ConstructTestBlock constructs a single block with random contents

func ConstructTestBlocks Uses

func ConstructTestBlocks(t *testing.T, numBlocks int) []*common.Block

ConstructTestBlocks returns a series of blocks starting with blockNum=0. The first block in the returned array is a config tx block that represents a genesis block Except the genesis block, the size of each of the block would be the same.

func ConstructTransaction Uses

func ConstructTransaction(_ *testing.T, simulationResults []byte, txid string, sign bool) (*common.Envelope, string, error)

ConstructTransaction constructs a transaction for testing

func ConstructTransactionFromTxDetails Uses

func ConstructTransactionFromTxDetails(txDetails *TxDetails, sign bool) (*common.Envelope, string, error)

func CopyDir Uses

func CopyDir(srcroot, destroot string) error

CopyDir creates a copy of a dir

func CreateTarBytesForTest Uses

func CreateTarBytesForTest(testFiles []*TarFileEntry) []byte

CreateTarBytesForTest creates a tar byte array for unit testing

func NewBlock Uses

func NewBlock(env []*common.Envelope, blockNum uint64, previousHash []byte) *common.Block

func SetTxID Uses

func SetTxID(t *testing.T, block *common.Block, txNum int, txID string)

type BlockDetails Uses

type BlockDetails struct {
    BlockNum     uint64
    PreviousHash []byte
    Txs          []*TxDetails

type BlockGenerator Uses

type BlockGenerator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

BlockGenerator generates a series of blocks for testing

func NewBlockGenerator Uses

func NewBlockGenerator(t *testing.T, ledgerID string, signTxs bool) (*BlockGenerator, *common.Block)

NewBlockGenerator instantiates new BlockGenerator for testing

func (*BlockGenerator) NextBlock Uses

func (bg *BlockGenerator) NextBlock(simulationResults [][]byte) *common.Block

NextBlock constructs next block in sequence that includes a number of transactions - one per simulationResults

func (*BlockGenerator) NextBlockWithTxid Uses

func (bg *BlockGenerator) NextBlockWithTxid(simulationResults [][]byte, txids []string) *common.Block

NextBlockWithTxid constructs next block in sequence that includes a number of transactions - one per simulationResults

func (*BlockGenerator) NextTestBlock Uses

func (bg *BlockGenerator) NextTestBlock(numTx int, txSize int) *common.Block

NextTestBlock constructs next block in sequence block with 'numTx' number of transactions for testing

func (*BlockGenerator) NextTestBlocks Uses

func (bg *BlockGenerator) NextTestBlocks(numBlocks int) []*common.Block

NextTestBlocks constructs 'numBlocks' number of blocks for testing

type TarFileEntry Uses

type TarFileEntry struct {
    Name, Body string

TarFileEntry is a structure for adding test index files to an tar

type TxDetails Uses

type TxDetails struct {
    TxID                            string
    ChaincodeName, ChaincodeVersion string
    SimulationResults               []byte

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