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package prometheus

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/common/metrics/prometheus"


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type Counter Uses

type Counter struct{ kitmetrics.Counter }

func (*Counter) With Uses

func (c *Counter) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Counter

type Gauge Uses

type Gauge struct{ kitmetrics.Gauge }

func (*Gauge) With Uses

func (g *Gauge) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Gauge

type Histogram Uses

type Histogram struct{ kitmetrics.Histogram }

func (*Histogram) With Uses

func (h *Histogram) With(labelValues ...string) metrics.Histogram

type Provider Uses

type Provider struct{}

func (*Provider) NewCounter Uses

func (p *Provider) NewCounter(o metrics.CounterOpts) metrics.Counter

func (*Provider) NewGauge Uses

func (p *Provider) NewGauge(o metrics.GaugeOpts) metrics.Gauge

func (*Provider) NewHistogram Uses

func (p *Provider) NewHistogram(o metrics.HistogramOpts) metrics.Histogram

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