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package util

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/common/util"


Package Files

net.go utils.go

func ComputeSHA256 Uses

func ComputeSHA256(data []byte) (hash []byte)

ComputeSHA256 returns SHA2-256 on data

func ComputeSHA3256 Uses

func ComputeSHA3256(data []byte) (hash []byte)

ComputeSHA3256 returns SHA3-256 on data

func ConcatenateBytes Uses

func ConcatenateBytes(data ...[]byte) []byte

ConcatenateBytes is useful for combining multiple arrays of bytes, especially for signatures or digests over multiple fields

func CreateUtcTimestamp Uses

func CreateUtcTimestamp() *timestamp.Timestamp

CreateUtcTimestamp returns a google/protobuf/Timestamp in UTC

func ExtractRemoteAddress Uses

func ExtractRemoteAddress(ctx context.Context) string

func GenerateBytesUUID Uses

func GenerateBytesUUID() []byte

GenerateBytesUUID returns a UUID based on RFC 4122 returning the generated bytes

func GenerateUUID Uses

func GenerateUUID() string

GenerateUUID returns a UUID based on RFC 4122

func ToChaincodeArgs Uses

func ToChaincodeArgs(args ...string) [][]byte

ToChaincodeArgs converts string args to []byte args

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