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package aclmgmt

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/aclmgmt"


Package Files

aclmgmt.go aclmgmtimpl.go defaultaclprovider.go resourceprovider.go


const (
    CHANNELREADERS = policies.ChannelApplicationReaders
    CHANNELWRITERS = policies.ChannelApplicationWriters

type ACLProvider Uses

type ACLProvider interface {
    //CheckACL checks the ACL for the resource for the channel using the
    //idinfo. idinfo is an object such as SignedProposal from which an
    //id can be extracted for testing against a policy
    CheckACL(resName string, channelID string, idinfo interface{}) error

func NewACLProvider Uses

func NewACLProvider(rg ResourceGetter) ACLProvider

ACLProvider consists of two providers, supplied one and a default one (1.0 ACL management using ChannelReaders and ChannelWriters). If supplied provider is nil, a resource based ACL provider is created.

func NewDefaultACLProvider Uses

func NewDefaultACLProvider() ACLProvider

type InvalidIdInfo Uses

type InvalidIdInfo string


func (InvalidIdInfo) Error Uses

func (e InvalidIdInfo) Error() string

type PolicyNotFound Uses

type PolicyNotFound string

PolicyNotFound cache for resource

func (PolicyNotFound) Error Uses

func (e PolicyNotFound) Error() string

type ResourceGetter Uses

type ResourceGetter func(channelID string) channelconfig.Resources

resource getter gets channelconfig.Resources given channel ID



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