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package resources

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/aclmgmt/resources"


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const (
    //Lscc resources
    Lscc_Install                   = "lscc/Install"
    Lscc_Deploy                    = "lscc/Deploy"
    Lscc_Upgrade                   = "lscc/Upgrade"
    Lscc_ChaincodeExists           = "lscc/ChaincodeExists"
    Lscc_GetDeploymentSpec         = "lscc/GetDeploymentSpec"
    Lscc_GetChaincodeData          = "lscc/GetChaincodeData"
    Lscc_GetInstantiatedChaincodes = "lscc/GetInstantiatedChaincodes"
    Lscc_GetInstalledChaincodes    = "lscc/GetInstalledChaincodes"
    Lscc_GetCollectionsConfig      = "lscc/GetCollectionsConfig"

    //Qscc resources
    Qscc_GetChainInfo       = "qscc/GetChainInfo"
    Qscc_GetBlockByNumber   = "qscc/GetBlockByNumber"
    Qscc_GetBlockByHash     = "qscc/GetBlockByHash"
    Qscc_GetTransactionByID = "qscc/GetTransactionByID"
    Qscc_GetBlockByTxID     = "qscc/GetBlockByTxID"

    //Cscc resources
    Cscc_JoinChain                = "cscc/JoinChain"
    Cscc_GetConfigBlock           = "cscc/GetConfigBlock"
    Cscc_GetChannels              = "cscc/GetChannels"
    Cscc_GetConfigTree            = "cscc/GetConfigTree"
    Cscc_SimulateConfigTreeUpdate = "cscc/SimulateConfigTreeUpdate"

    //Peer resources
    Peer_Propose              = "peer/Propose"
    Peer_ChaincodeToChaincode = "peer/ChaincodeToChaincode"

    Event_Block         = "event/Block"
    Event_FilteredBlock = "event/FilteredBlock"

    //Token resources
    Token_Issue    = "token/Issue"
    Token_Transfer = "token/Transfer"
    Token_List     = "token/List"

fabric resources used for ACL checks. Note that some of the checks such as Lscc_INSTALL are "peer wide" (current access checks in peer are based on local MSP). These are not currently covered by resource or default ACLProviders

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