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package admin

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/admin"


Package Files

admin.go validate.go

type AccessControlEvaluator Uses

type AccessControlEvaluator interface {
    // Evaluate evaluates the eligibility of the creator of the given SignedData
    // for being serviced by the admin service
    Evaluate(signatureSet []*common.SignedData) error

AccessControlEvaluator evaluates whether the creator of the given SignedData is eligible of using the admin service

type ServerAdmin Uses

type ServerAdmin struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ServerAdmin implementation of the Admin service for the Peer

func NewAdminServer Uses

func NewAdminServer(ace AccessControlEvaluator) *ServerAdmin

NewAdminServer creates and returns a Admin service instance.

func (*ServerAdmin) GetLogSpec Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) GetLogSpec(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*pb.LogSpecResponse, error)

func (*ServerAdmin) GetModuleLogLevel Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) GetModuleLogLevel(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*pb.LogLevelResponse, error)

func (*ServerAdmin) GetStatus Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) GetStatus(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*pb.ServerStatus, error)

func (*ServerAdmin) RevertLogLevels Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) RevertLogLevels(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*empty.Empty, error)

func (*ServerAdmin) SetLogSpec Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) SetLogSpec(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*pb.LogSpecResponse, error)

func (*ServerAdmin) SetModuleLogLevel Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) SetModuleLogLevel(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*pb.LogLevelResponse, error)

func (*ServerAdmin) StartServer Uses

func (s *ServerAdmin) StartServer(ctx context.Context, env *common.Envelope) (*pb.ServerStatus, error)

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