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package util

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/chaincode/platforms/util"


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utils.go writer.go

func DockerBuild Uses

func DockerBuild(opts DockerBuildOptions, client *docker.Client) error

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DockerBuild ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This function allows a "pass-through" build of chaincode within a docker container as an alternative to using standard "docker build" + Dockerfile mechanisms. The plain docker build is somewhat limiting due to the resulting image that is a superset composition of the build-time and run-time environments. This superset can be problematic on several fronts, such as a bloated image size, and additional security exposure associated with applications that are not needed, etc.

Therefore, this mechanism creates a pipeline consisting of an ephemeral docker container that accepts source code as input, runs some function (e.g. "go build"), and outputs the result. The intention is that this output will be consumed as the basis of a streamlined container by installing the output into a downstream docker-build based on an appropriate minimal image.

The input parameters are fairly simple:

- Image:        (optional) The builder image to use or "chaincode.builder"
- Cmd:          The command to execute inside the container.
- InputStream:  A tarball of files that will be expanded into /chaincode/input.
- OutputStream: A tarball of files that will be gathered from /chaincode/output
                after successful execution of Cmd.


func GetDockerImageFromConfig Uses

func GetDockerImageFromConfig(path string) string

GetDockerImageFromConfig replaces variables in the config

func WriteFileToPackage Uses

func WriteFileToPackage(localpath string, packagepath string, tw *tar.Writer) error

WriteFileToPackage writes a file to a tar stream.

func WriteFolderToTarPackage Uses

func WriteFolderToTarPackage(tw *tar.Writer, srcPath string, excludeDirs []string, includeFileTypeMap map[string]bool, excludeFileTypeMap map[string]bool) error

WriteFolderToTarPackage writes source files to a tarball. This utility is used for node js chaincode packaging, but not golang chaincode. Golang chaincode has more sophisticated file packaging, as implemented in golang/platform.go.

type DockerBuildOptions Uses

type DockerBuildOptions struct {
    Image        string
    Cmd          string
    Env          []string
    InputStream  io.Reader
    OutputStream io.Writer

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