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package ccintf

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/container/ccintf"


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type ChaincodeServerInfo Uses

type ChaincodeServerInfo struct {
    Address      string
    ClientConfig comm.ClientConfig

ChaincodeServerInfo provides chaincode connection information

type ChaincodeStream Uses

type ChaincodeStream interface {
    Send(*pb.ChaincodeMessage) error
    Recv() (*pb.ChaincodeMessage, error)

ChaincodeStream interface for stream between Peer and chaincode instance.

type PeerConnection Uses

type PeerConnection struct {
    Address   string
    TLSConfig *TLSConfig

PeerConnection instructs the chaincode how to connect back to the peer

type TLSConfig Uses

type TLSConfig struct {
    ClientCert []byte
    ClientKey  []byte
    RootCert   []byte

TLSConfig is used to pass the TLS context into the chaincode launch

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