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package mocks

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/deliverservice/mocks"


Package Files

blocksprovider.go orderer.go

func MockRecv Uses

func MockRecv(mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) (*orderer.DeliverResponse, error)

MockRecv mock for the Recv function

type MockAtomicBroadcastClient Uses

type MockAtomicBroadcastClient struct {
    BD *MockBlocksDeliverer

func (*MockAtomicBroadcastClient) Broadcast Uses

func (mabc *MockAtomicBroadcastClient) Broadcast(ctx context.Context, opts ...grpc.CallOption) (orderer.AtomicBroadcast_BroadcastClient, error)

func (*MockAtomicBroadcastClient) Deliver Uses

func (mabc *MockAtomicBroadcastClient) Deliver(ctx context.Context, opts ...grpc.CallOption) (orderer.AtomicBroadcast_DeliverClient, error)

type MockBlocksDeliverer Uses

type MockBlocksDeliverer struct {
    DisconnectCalled chan struct{}
    CloseCalled      chan struct{}
    Pos              uint64

    MockRecv func(mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) (*orderer.DeliverResponse, error)
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockBlocksDeliverer mocking structure of BlocksDeliverer interface to initialize the blocks provider implementation

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) Close Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) Close()

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) Disconnect Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) Disconnect()

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) GetEndpoints Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) GetEndpoints() []string

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) Recv Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) Recv() (*orderer.DeliverResponse, error)

Recv gets responses from the ordering service, currently mocked to return only one response with empty block.

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) RecvCount Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) RecvCount() int32

RecvCount returns the number of times Recv has been called.

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) Send Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) Send(env *common.Envelope) error

Send sends the envelope with request for the blocks for ordering service currently mocked and not doing anything

func (*MockBlocksDeliverer) UpdateEndpoints Uses

func (mock *MockBlocksDeliverer) UpdateEndpoints(endpoints []string)

type MockGossipServiceAdapter Uses

type MockGossipServiceAdapter struct {
    GossipBlockDisseminations chan uint64
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

MockGossipServiceAdapter mocking structure for gossip service, used to initialize the blocks providers implementation and asserts the number of function calls used.

func (*MockGossipServiceAdapter) AddPayload Uses

func (mock *MockGossipServiceAdapter) AddPayload(chainID string, payload *gossip_proto.Payload) error

AddPayload adds gossip payload to the local state transfer buffer

func (*MockGossipServiceAdapter) AddPayloadCount Uses

func (mock *MockGossipServiceAdapter) AddPayloadCount() int32

AddPayloadCount returns the number of times Recv has been called.

func (*MockGossipServiceAdapter) Gossip Uses

func (mock *MockGossipServiceAdapter) Gossip(msg *gossip_proto.GossipMessage)

Gossip message to the all peers

func (*MockGossipServiceAdapter) PeersOfChannel Uses

func (*MockGossipServiceAdapter) PeersOfChannel(gossip_common.ChainID) []discovery.NetworkMember

PeersOfChannel returns the slice with peers participating in given channel

type MockLedgerInfo Uses

type MockLedgerInfo struct {
    Height uint64

MockLedgerInfo mocking implementation of LedgerInfo interface, needed for test initialization purposes

func (*MockLedgerInfo) LedgerHeight Uses

func (li *MockLedgerInfo) LedgerHeight() (uint64, error)

LedgerHeight returns mocked value to the ledger height

type Orderer Uses

type Orderer struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewOrderer Uses

func NewOrderer(port int, t *testing.T) *Orderer

func (*Orderer) Broadcast Uses

func (*Orderer) Broadcast(orderer.AtomicBroadcast_BroadcastServer) error

func (*Orderer) ConnCount Uses

func (o *Orderer) ConnCount() int

func (*Orderer) Deliver Uses

func (o *Orderer) Deliver(stream orderer.AtomicBroadcast_DeliverServer) error

func (*Orderer) Fail Uses

func (o *Orderer) Fail()

func (*Orderer) Resurrect Uses

func (o *Orderer) Resurrect()

func (*Orderer) SendBlock Uses

func (o *Orderer) SendBlock(seq uint64)

func (*Orderer) SetNextExpectedSeek Uses

func (o *Orderer) SetNextExpectedSeek(seq uint64)

func (*Orderer) Shutdown Uses

func (o *Orderer) Shutdown()

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