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package endorsement

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/handlers/endorsement/api"


Package Files


type Argument Uses

type Argument interface {
    // Arg returns the bytes of the argument
    Arg() []byte

Argument defines the argument for endorsement

type Dependency Uses

type Dependency interface {

Dependency marks a dependency passed to the Init() method

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin interface {
    // Endorse signs the given payload(ProposalResponsePayload bytes), and optionally mutates it.
    // Returns:
    // The Endorsement: A signature over the payload, and an identity that is used to verify the signature
    // The payload that was given as input (could be modified within this function)
    // Or error on failure
    Endorse(payload []byte, sp *peer.SignedProposal) (*peer.Endorsement, []byte, error)

    // Init injects dependencies into the instance of the Plugin
    Init(dependencies ...Dependency) error

Plugin endorses a proposal response

type PluginFactory Uses

type PluginFactory interface {
    New() Plugin

PluginFactory creates a new instance of a Plugin



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