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package validation

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/handlers/validation/api/identities"


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type Identity Uses

type Identity interface {
    // Validate uses the rules that govern this identity to validate it.
    Validate() error

    // SatisfiesPrincipal checks whether this instance matches
    // the description supplied in MSPPrincipal. The check may
    // involve a byte-by-byte comparison (if the principal is
    // a serialized identity) or may require MSP validation
    SatisfiesPrincipal(principal *msp.MSPPrincipal) error

    // Verify a signature over some message using this identity as reference
    Verify(msg []byte, sig []byte) error

    // GetIdentityIdentifier returns the identifier of that identity
    GetIdentityIdentifier() *IdentityIdentifier

    // GetMSPIdentifier returns the MSP Id for this instance
    GetMSPIdentifier() string

Identity interface defining operations associated to a "certificate". That is, the public part of the identity could be thought to be a certificate, and offers solely signature verification capabilities. This is to be used at the peer side when verifying certificates that transactions are signed with, and verifying signatures that correspond to these certificates.///

type IdentityDeserializer Uses

type IdentityDeserializer interface {
    // DeserializeIdentity deserializes an identity.
    // Deserialization will fail if the identity is associated to
    // an msp that is different from this one that is performing
    // the deserialization.
    DeserializeIdentity(serializedIdentity []byte) (Identity, error)

IdentityDeserializer converts serialized identities to identities.

type IdentityIdentifier Uses

type IdentityIdentifier struct {

    // The identifier of the associated membership service provider
    Mspid string

    // The identifier for an identity within a provider
    Id  string

IdentityIdentifier is a holder for the identifier of a specific identity, naturally namespaced, by its provider identifier.

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