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package v12

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/handlers/validation/builtin/v12"


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const (
    DUPLICATED_IDENTITY_ERROR = "Endorsement policy evaluation failure might be caused by duplicated identities"

type Validator Uses

type Validator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Validator implements the default transaction validation policy, which is to check the correctness of the read-write set and the endorsement signatures against an endorsement policy that is supplied as argument to every invoke

func New Uses

func New(c Capabilities, s StateFetcher, d IdentityDeserializer, pe PolicyEvaluator) *Validator

New creates a new instance of the default VSCC Typically this will only be invoked once per peer

func (*Validator) Validate Uses

func (vscc *Validator) Validate(
    block *common.Block,
    namespace string,
    txPosition int,
    actionPosition int,
    policyBytes []byte,
) commonerrors.TxValidationError

Validate validates the given envelope corresponding to a transaction with an endorsement policy as given in its serialized form

func (*Validator) ValidateLSCCInvocation Uses

func (vscc *Validator) ValidateLSCCInvocation(
    chid string,
    env *common.Envelope,
    cap *pb.ChaincodeActionPayload,
    payl *common.Payload,
    ac channelconfig.ApplicationCapabilities,
) commonerrors.TxValidationError


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