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package fakes

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/ledger/kvledger/history/historydb/historyleveldb/fakes"

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Package Files

historydb_logger.go historyleveldb_logger.go

type HistorydbLogger Uses

type HistorydbLogger struct {
    DebugfStub func(string, ...interface{})

    ErrorfStub func(string, ...interface{})

    InfofStub func(string, ...interface{})

    WarnfStub func(string, ...interface{})
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*HistorydbLogger) Debugf Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) Debugf(arg1 string, arg2 ...interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) DebugfArgsForCall Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) DebugfArgsForCall(i int) (string, []interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) DebugfCallCount Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) DebugfCallCount() int

func (*HistorydbLogger) DebugfCalls Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) DebugfCalls(stub func(string, ...interface{}))

func (*HistorydbLogger) Errorf Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) Errorf(arg1 string, arg2 ...interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) ErrorfArgsForCall Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) ErrorfArgsForCall(i int) (string, []interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) ErrorfCallCount Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) ErrorfCallCount() int

func (*HistorydbLogger) ErrorfCalls Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) ErrorfCalls(stub func(string, ...interface{}))

func (*HistorydbLogger) Infof Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) Infof(arg1 string, arg2 ...interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) InfofArgsForCall Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) InfofArgsForCall(i int) (string, []interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) InfofCallCount Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) InfofCallCount() int

func (*HistorydbLogger) InfofCalls Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) InfofCalls(stub func(string, ...interface{}))

func (*HistorydbLogger) Invocations Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*HistorydbLogger) Warnf Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) Warnf(arg1 string, arg2 ...interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) WarnfArgsForCall Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) WarnfArgsForCall(i int) (string, []interface{})

func (*HistorydbLogger) WarnfCallCount Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) WarnfCallCount() int

func (*HistorydbLogger) WarnfCalls Uses

func (fake *HistorydbLogger) WarnfCalls(stub func(string, ...interface{}))

type HistoryleveldbLogger Uses

type HistoryleveldbLogger struct {

HistoryleveldbLogger is a wrapper to fakes.Logger so that we can overwrite Warnf.

func (*HistoryleveldbLogger) Warnf Uses

func (hl *HistoryleveldbLogger) Warnf(arg1 string, arg2 ...interface{})

Warnf copies byte array in arg2 and then delegates to fakes.Logger. We have to make the copy because goleveldb iterator reuses the byte array for keys and values for the Next() call.

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