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package txmgr

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/ledger/kvledger/txmgmt/txmgr"


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type ErrPvtdataNotAvailable Uses

type ErrPvtdataNotAvailable struct {
    Msg string

ErrPvtdataNotAvailable is to be thrown when an application seeks a private data item during simulation and the simulator is not capable of returning the version of the private data item consistent with the snapshot exposed to the simulation

func (*ErrPvtdataNotAvailable) Error Uses

func (e *ErrPvtdataNotAvailable) Error() string

type ErrUnsupportedTransaction Uses

type ErrUnsupportedTransaction struct {
    Msg string

ErrUnsupportedTransaction is expected to be thrown if a unsupported query is performed in an update transaction

func (*ErrUnsupportedTransaction) Error Uses

func (e *ErrUnsupportedTransaction) Error() string

type TxMgr Uses

type TxMgr interface {
    NewQueryExecutor(txid string) (ledger.QueryExecutor, error)
    NewTxSimulator(txid string) (ledger.TxSimulator, error)
    ValidateAndPrepare(blockAndPvtdata *ledger.BlockAndPvtData, doMVCCValidation bool) ([]*TxStatInfo, []byte, error)
    RemoveStaleAndCommitPvtDataOfOldBlocks(blocksPvtData map[uint64][]*ledger.TxPvtData) error
    GetLastSavepoint() (*version.Height, error)
    ShouldRecover(lastAvailableBlock uint64) (bool, uint64, error)
    CommitLostBlock(blockAndPvtdata *ledger.BlockAndPvtData) error
    Commit() error
    Name() string

TxMgr - an interface that a transaction manager should implement

type TxStatInfo Uses

type TxStatInfo struct {
    ValidationCode peer.TxValidationCode
    TxType         common.HeaderType
    ChaincodeID    *peer.ChaincodeID
    NumCollections int

TxStatInfo encapsulates information about a transaction


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