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package valimpl

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/ledger/kvledger/txmgmt/validator/valimpl"


Package Files

default_impl.go helper.go

func NewStatebasedValidator Uses

func NewStatebasedValidator(
    txmgr txmgr.TxMgr,
    db privacyenabledstate.DB,
    customTxProcessors map[common.HeaderType]ledger.CustomTxProcessor,
    hasher ledger.Hasher,
) validator.Validator

NewStatebasedValidator constructs a validator that internally manages statebased validator and in addition handles the tasks that are agnostic to a particular validation scheme such as parsing the block and handling the pvt data

type DefaultImpl Uses

type DefaultImpl struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

DefaultImpl implements the interface validator.Validator This performs the common tasks that are independent of a particular scheme of validation and for actual validation of the public rwset, it encloses an internal validator (that implements interface internal.InternalValidator) such as statebased validator

func (*DefaultImpl) ValidateAndPrepareBatch Uses

func (impl *DefaultImpl) ValidateAndPrepareBatch(blockAndPvtdata *ledger.BlockAndPvtData,
    doMVCCValidation bool) (*privacyenabledstate.UpdateBatch, []*txmgr.TxStatInfo, error)

ValidateAndPrepareBatch implements the function in interface validator.Validator


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