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package testutil

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/ledger/testutil"


Package Files


func ParseTestParams Uses

func ParseTestParams() []string

ParseTestParams parses tests params

func ResetConfigToDefaultValues Uses

func ResetConfigToDefaultValues()

ResetConfigToDefaultValues resets configurations optins back to defaults

func SetupCoreYAMLConfig Uses

func SetupCoreYAMLConfig()

SetupCoreYAMLConfig sets up configurations for testing

func SetupTestConfig Uses

func SetupTestConfig()

SetupTestConfig sets up configurations for tetsing

type TestRandomNumberGenerator Uses

type TestRandomNumberGenerator struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

TestRandomNumberGenerator a random number generator for testing

func NewTestRandomNumberGenerator Uses

func NewTestRandomNumberGenerator(maxNumber int) *TestRandomNumberGenerator

NewTestRandomNumberGenerator constructs a new `TestRandomNumberGenerator`

func (*TestRandomNumberGenerator) Next Uses

func (randNumGenerator *TestRandomNumberGenerator) Next() int

Next generates next random number

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