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package scc

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/scc"


Package Files

inprocstream.go scc.go


const SysCCVersion = "syscc"

SysCCVersion is a constant used for the version field of system chaincodes. Historically, the version of a system chaincode was implicitly tied to the exact build version of a peer, which does not work for collecting endorsements across sccs across peers. Until there is a need for separate SCC versions, we use this constant here.

func ChaincodeID Uses

func ChaincodeID(ccName string) string

ChaincodeID returns the chaincode ID of a system chaincode of a given name.

func DeploySysCC Uses

func DeploySysCC(sysCC SelfDescribingSysCC, chaincodeStreamHandler ChaincodeStreamHandler)

DeploySysCC is the hook for system chaincodes where system chaincodes are registered with the fabric. This call directly registers the chaincode with the chaincode handler and bypasses the other usercc constructs.

type BuiltinSCCs Uses

type BuiltinSCCs map[string]struct{}

BuiltinSCCs are special system chaincodes, differentiated from other (plugin) system chaincodes. These chaincodes do not need to be initialized in '_lifecycle' and may be invoked without a channel context. It is expected that '_lifecycle' will eventually be the only builtin SCCs. Note, this field should only be used on _endorsement_ side, never in validation as it might change.

func (BuiltinSCCs) IsSysCC Uses

func (bccs BuiltinSCCs) IsSysCC(name string) bool

type ChaincodeStreamHandler Uses

type ChaincodeStreamHandler interface {
    HandleChaincodeStream(ccintf.ChaincodeStream) error
    LaunchInProc(packageID string) <-chan struct{}

A ChaincodeStreamHandler is responsible for handling the ChaincodeStream communication between a per and chaincode.

type SelfDescribingSysCC Uses

type SelfDescribingSysCC interface {
    //Unique name of the system chaincode
    Name() string

    // Chaincode returns the underlying chaincode
    Chaincode() shim.Chaincode

type SendPanicFailure Uses

type SendPanicFailure string


func (SendPanicFailure) Error Uses

func (e SendPanicFailure) Error() string


csccPackage cscc chaincode configer provides functions to manage configuration transactions as the network is being reconfigured.
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