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package blockcutter

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/orderer/common/blockcutter"


Package Files

blockcutter.go metrics.go

type Metrics Uses

type Metrics struct {
    BlockFillDuration metrics.Histogram

func NewMetrics Uses

func NewMetrics(p metrics.Provider) *Metrics

type OrdererConfigFetcher Uses

type OrdererConfigFetcher interface {
    OrdererConfig() (channelconfig.Orderer, bool)

type Receiver Uses

type Receiver interface {
    // Ordered should be invoked sequentially as messages are ordered
    // Each batch in `messageBatches` will be wrapped into a block.
    // `pending` indicates if there are still messages pending in the receiver.
    Ordered(msg *cb.Envelope) (messageBatches [][]*cb.Envelope, pending bool)

    // Cut returns the current batch and starts a new one
    Cut() []*cb.Envelope

Receiver defines a sink for the ordered broadcast messages

func NewReceiverImpl Uses

func NewReceiverImpl(channelID string, sharedConfigFetcher OrdererConfigFetcher, metrics *Metrics) Receiver

NewReceiverImpl creates a Receiver implementation based on the given configtxorderer manager


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