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package inactive

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/orderer/consensus/inactive"


Package Files


type Chain Uses

type Chain struct {
    Err error

Chain implements an inactive consenter.Chain which is used to denote that the current orderer node does not service a specific channel.

func (*Chain) Configure Uses

func (c *Chain) Configure(_ *common.Envelope, _ uint64) error

func (*Chain) Errored Uses

func (*Chain) Errored() <-chan struct{}

func (*Chain) Halt Uses

func (c *Chain) Halt()

func (*Chain) Order Uses

func (c *Chain) Order(_ *common.Envelope, _ uint64) error

func (*Chain) Start Uses

func (c *Chain) Start()

func (*Chain) WaitReady Uses

func (c *Chain) WaitReady() error

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