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package multichannel

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/orderer/mocks/common/multichannel"


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type ConsenterSupport Uses

type ConsenterSupport struct {
    // SharedConfigVal is the value returned by SharedConfig()
    SharedConfigVal *mockconfig.Orderer

    // SharedConfigVal is the value returned by ChannelConfig()
    ChannelConfigVal *mockconfig.Channel

    // BlockCutterVal is the value returned by BlockCutter()
    BlockCutterVal *mockblockcutter.Receiver

    // BlockByIndex maps block numbers to retrieved values of these blocks
    BlockByIndex map[uint64]*cb.Block

    // Blocks is the channel where WriteBlock writes the most recently created block,
    Blocks chan *cb.Block

    // ChainIDVal is the value returned by ChainID()
    ChainIDVal string

    // HeightVal is the value returned by Height()
    HeightVal uint64

    // NextBlockVal stores the block created by the most recent CreateNextBlock() call
    NextBlockVal *cb.Block

    // ClassifyMsgVal is returned by ClassifyMsg
    ClassifyMsgVal msgprocessor.Classification

    // ConfigSeqVal is returned as the configSeq for Process*Msg
    ConfigSeqVal uint64

    // ProcessNormalMsgErr is returned as the error for ProcessNormalMsg
    ProcessNormalMsgErr error

    // ProcessConfigUpdateMsgVal is returned as the error for ProcessConfigUpdateMsg
    ProcessConfigUpdateMsgVal *cb.Envelope

    // ProcessConfigUpdateMsgErr is returned as the error for ProcessConfigUpdateMsg
    ProcessConfigUpdateMsgErr error

    // ProcessConfigMsgVal is returned as the error for ProcessConfigMsg
    ProcessConfigMsgVal *cb.Envelope

    // ProcessConfigMsgErr is returned by ProcessConfigMsg
    ProcessConfigMsgErr error

    // SequenceVal is returned by Sequence
    SequenceVal uint64

    // BlockVerificationErr is returned by VerifyBlockSignature
    BlockVerificationErr error

ConsenterSupport is used to mock the multichannel.ConsenterSupport interface Whenever a block is written, it writes to the Batches channel to allow for synchronization

func (*ConsenterSupport) Append Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) Append(block *cb.Block) error

Append appends a new block to the ledger in its raw form, unlike WriteBlock that also mutates its metadata.

func (*ConsenterSupport) Block Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) Block(number uint64) *cb.Block

Block returns the block with the given number or nil if not found

func (*ConsenterSupport) BlockCutter Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) BlockCutter() blockcutter.Receiver

BlockCutter returns BlockCutterVal

func (*ConsenterSupport) ChainID Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) ChainID() string

ChainID returns the chain ID this specific consenter instance is associated with

func (*ConsenterSupport) ChannelConfig Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) ChannelConfig() channelconfig.Channel

ChannelConfig returns ChannelConfigVal

func (*ConsenterSupport) ClassifyMsg Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) ClassifyMsg(chdr *cb.ChannelHeader) msgprocessor.Classification

ClassifyMsg returns ClassifyMsgVal, ClassifyMsgErr

func (*ConsenterSupport) CreateNextBlock Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) CreateNextBlock(data []*cb.Envelope) *cb.Block

CreateNextBlock creates a simple block structure with the given data

func (*ConsenterSupport) Height Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) Height() uint64

Height returns the number of blocks of the chain this specific consenter instance is associated with

func (*ConsenterSupport) NewSignatureHeader Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) NewSignatureHeader() (*cb.SignatureHeader, error)

NewSignatureHeader returns an empty signature header

func (*ConsenterSupport) ProcessConfigMsg Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) ProcessConfigMsg(env *cb.Envelope) (*cb.Envelope, uint64, error)

ProcessConfigMsg returns ProcessConfigMsgVal, ConfigSeqVal, ProcessConfigMsgErr

func (*ConsenterSupport) ProcessConfigUpdateMsg Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) ProcessConfigUpdateMsg(env *cb.Envelope) (config *cb.Envelope, configSeq uint64, err error)

ProcessConfigUpdateMsg returns ProcessConfigUpdateMsgVal, ConfigSeqVal, ProcessConfigUpdateMsgErr

func (*ConsenterSupport) ProcessNormalMsg Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) ProcessNormalMsg(env *cb.Envelope) (configSeq uint64, err error)

ProcessNormalMsg returns ConfigSeqVal, ProcessNormalMsgErr

func (*ConsenterSupport) Sequence Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) Sequence() uint64

Sequence returns SequenceVal

func (*ConsenterSupport) SharedConfig Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) SharedConfig() channelconfig.Orderer

SharedConfig returns SharedConfigVal

func (*ConsenterSupport) Sign Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) Sign(message []byte) ([]byte, error)

Sign returns the bytes passed in

func (*ConsenterSupport) VerifyBlockSignature Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) VerifyBlockSignature(_ []*cb.SignedData, _ *cb.ConfigEnvelope) error

VerifyBlockSignature verifies a signature of a block

func (*ConsenterSupport) WriteBlock Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) WriteBlock(block *cb.Block, encodedMetadataValue []byte)

WriteBlock writes data to the Blocks channel

func (*ConsenterSupport) WriteConfigBlock Uses

func (mcs *ConsenterSupport) WriteConfigBlock(block *cb.Block, encodedMetadataValue []byte)

WriteConfigBlock calls WriteBlock

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