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package identity

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/token/identity"


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type Deserializer Uses

type Deserializer interface {
    // Deserialize deserializes an identity.
    // Deserialization will fail if the identity is associated to
    // an msp that is different from this one that is performing
    // the deserialization.
    DeserializeIdentity(serializedIdentity []byte) (msp.Identity, error)


type DeserializerManager Uses

type DeserializerManager interface {
    // Deserializer returns an instance of transaction.Deserializer for the passed channel
    // if the channel exists
    Deserializer(channel string) (Deserializer, error)

DeserializerManager returns instances of Deserializer

type IssuingValidator Uses

type IssuingValidator interface {
    // Validate returns no error if the passed creator can issue tokens of the passed type,, an error otherwise.
    Validate(creator PublicInfo, tokenType string) error

IssuingValidator is used to establish if the creator can issue tokens of the passed type.

type PublicInfo Uses

type PublicInfo interface {
    Public() []byte

PublicInfo is used to identify token owners.


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