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package manager

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/token/tms/manager"


Package Files

manager.go policy.go

type AllIssuingValidator Uses

type AllIssuingValidator struct {
    Deserializer identity.Deserializer

AllIssuingValidator allows all members of a channel to issue new tokens.

func (*AllIssuingValidator) Validate Uses

func (p *AllIssuingValidator) Validate(creator identity.PublicInfo, tokenType string) error

Validate returns no error if the passed creator can issue tokens of the passed type,, an error otherwise.

type FabricIdentityDeserializerManager Uses

type FabricIdentityDeserializerManager struct {

FabricIdentityDeserializerManager implements an DeserializerManager by routing the call to the msp/mgmt package

func (*FabricIdentityDeserializerManager) Deserializer Uses

func (*FabricIdentityDeserializerManager) Deserializer(channel string) (identity.Deserializer, error)

type Manager Uses

type Manager struct {
    IdentityDeserializerManager identity.DeserializerManager

Manager is used to access TMS components.

func (*Manager) GetTxProcessor Uses

func (m *Manager) GetTxProcessor(channel string) (transaction.TMSTxProcessor, error)

GetTxProcessor returns a TMSTxProcessor that is used to process token transactions.

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