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package transaction

import "github.com/hyperledger/fabric/token/transaction"


Package Files

marshalling.go processor.go tms.go

func UnmarshalTokenTransaction Uses

func UnmarshalTokenTransaction(raw []byte) (*cb.ChannelHeader, *token.TokenTransaction, identity.PublicInfo, error)

type Processor Uses

type Processor struct {
    TMSManager TMSManager

Processor implements the interface 'github.com/hyperledger/fabric/core/ledger/customtx/Processor' for FabToken transactions

func (*Processor) GenerateSimulationResults Uses

func (p *Processor) GenerateSimulationResults(txEnv *common.Envelope, simulator ledger.TxSimulator, initializingLedger bool) error

type TMSManager Uses

type TMSManager interface {
    // GetTxProcessor returns a TxProcessor for TMS transactions for the provided channel
    GetTxProcessor(channel string) (TMSTxProcessor, error)

type TMSTxProcessor Uses

type TMSTxProcessor interface {
    // ProcessTx parses ttx to generate a RW set
    ProcessTx(txID string, creator identity.PublicInfo, ttx *token.TokenTransaction, simulator ledger.LedgerWriter) error

TMSTxProcessor is used to generate the read-dependencies of a token transaction (read-set) along with the ledger updates triggered by that transaction (write-set); read-write sets are returned implicitly via the simulator object that is passed as parameter in the Commit function

type TxCreatorInfo Uses

type TxCreatorInfo struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*TxCreatorInfo) Public Uses

func (t *TxCreatorInfo) Public() []byte


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