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package pugtemplate

import "github.com/i-love-flamingo/pugtemplate"


Package Files

debug.go module.go

func AnalyseCommand Uses

func AnalyseCommand() func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string)

AnalyseCommand func

type DebugController Uses

type DebugController struct {
    Engine *pugjs.Engine `inject:""`

DebugController shows the intermediate go-template compiled from pug AST

func (*DebugController) Get Uses

func (dc *DebugController) Get(ctx context.Context, r *web.Request) web.Result

Get Response for Debug Info

type Module Uses

type Module struct {
    DefaultMux *http.ServeMux `inject:",optional"`
    Basedir    string         `inject:"config:pug_template.basedir"`
    Whitelist  config.Slice   `inject:"config:pug_template.cors_whitelist"`

Module for framework/pug_template

func (*Module) Configure Uses

func (m *Module) Configure(injector *dingo.Injector)

Configure DI

func (*Module) CueConfig Uses

func (m *Module) CueConfig() string

CueConfig for this module

func (*Module) DefaultConfig Uses

func (m *Module) DefaultConfig() config.Map

DefaultConfig for setting pug-related config options


pugjs/parsePackage parse builds parse trees for templates as defined by text/template and html/template.

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