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package app

import ""


Package Files

app.go strings.go


var PageTitle = "The Go Play Space"

PageTitle is set as a <title> once the app is loaded

type Application Uses

type Application struct {

    Input   string
    Topic   string
    Imports map[string]string

    // Settings
    Theme            string
    TabWidth         int
    FontWeight       string
    UseWebfont       bool
    HighlightingMode bool
    ShowSidebar      bool

    Hash *hash.Hash
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Application implements the main application view

func (*Application) Mount Uses

func (a *Application) Mount()

Mount implements the vecty.Mounter interface.

func (*Application) Render Uses

func (a *Application) Render() vecty.ComponentOrHTML

Render renders the application

func (*Application) Unmount Uses

func (a *Application) Unmount()

Unmount implements the vecty.Unmounter interface.

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