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package fake

import "github.com/ickymettle/kubernetes/pkg/client/clientset_generated/internalclientset/fake"

TODO: the fake discovery client should live in pkg/client/discovery/, rather than being copied in every fake clientset.


Package Files

clientset_generated.go discovery.go

type Clientset Uses

type Clientset struct {

Clientset implements clientset.Interface. Meant to be embedded into a struct to get a default implementation. This makes faking out just the method you want to test easier.

func NewSimpleClientset Uses

func NewSimpleClientset(objects ...runtime.Object) *Clientset

Clientset returns a clientset that will respond with the provided objects

func (*Clientset) Core Uses

func (c *Clientset) Core() unversionedcore.CoreInterface

Core retrieves the CoreClient

func (*Clientset) Discovery Uses

func (c *Clientset) Discovery() discovery.DiscoveryInterface

func (*Clientset) Extensions Uses

func (c *Clientset) Extensions() unversionedextensions.ExtensionsInterface

Extensions retrieves the ExtensionsClient

type FakeDiscovery Uses

type FakeDiscovery struct {

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerGroups Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerGroups() (*unversioned.APIGroupList, error)

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerResources Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerResources() (map[string]*unversioned.APIResourceList, error)

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerResourcesForGroupVersion Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerResourcesForGroupVersion(groupVersion string) (*unversioned.APIResourceList, error)

func (*FakeDiscovery) ServerVersion Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) ServerVersion() (*version.Info, error)

func (*FakeDiscovery) SwaggerSchema Uses

func (c *FakeDiscovery) SwaggerSchema(version unversioned.GroupVersion) (*swagger.ApiDeclaration, error)

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