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package poll

import ""


Package Files

nativeStaking.abi.go nativestaking.go protocol.go staking_committee.go


const (
    // ProtocolID defines the ID of this protocol
    ProtocolID = "poll"


var (

    // ErrNoData is an error that there's no data in the contract
    ErrNoData = errors.New("no data")
    // ErrEndOfData is an error that reaching end of data in the contract
    ErrEndOfData = errors.New("end of data")
var ErrDelegatesNotAsExpected = errors.New("delegates are not as expected")

ErrDelegatesNotAsExpected is an error that the delegates are not as expected

var ErrNoElectionCommittee = errors.New("no election committee specified")

ErrNoElectionCommittee is an error that the election committee is not specified

var ErrProposedDelegatesLength = errors.New("the proposed delegate list length")

ErrProposedDelegatesLength is an error that the proposed delegate list length is not right

var NsAbi = "" /* 12352 byte string literal not displayed */

NsAbi is the ABI of native staking contract

type GetBlockTime Uses

type GetBlockTime func(uint64) (time.Time, error)

GetBlockTime defines a function to get block creation time

type GetEpochHeight Uses

type GetEpochHeight func(uint64) uint64

GetEpochHeight defines a function to get the corresponding epoch height given an epoch number

type GetEpochNum Uses

type GetEpochNum func(uint64) uint64

GetEpochNum defines a function to get epoch number given a block height

type GetTipBlockTime Uses

type GetTipBlockTime func() (time.Time, error)

GetTipBlockTime defines a function to get tip block creation time

type NativeStaking Uses

type NativeStaking struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

NativeStaking represents native staking struct

func NewNativeStaking Uses

func NewNativeStaking(cm protocol.ChainManager, getTipBlockTime GetTipBlockTime) (*NativeStaking, error)

NewNativeStaking creates a NativeStaking instance

func (*NativeStaking) SetContract Uses

func (ns *NativeStaking) SetContract(contract string)

SetContract sets the contract address

func (*NativeStaking) Votes Uses

func (ns *NativeStaking) Votes() (*VoteTally, time.Time, error)

Votes returns the votes on height

type Protocol Uses

type Protocol interface {
    // Initialize fetches the poll result for genesis block
    Initialize(context.Context, protocol.StateManager) error
    // Handle handles a vote
    Handle(context.Context, action.Action, protocol.StateManager) (*action.Receipt, error)
    // Validate validates a vote
    Validate(context.Context, action.Action) error
    // DelegatesByHeight returns the delegates by chain height
    DelegatesByHeight(uint64) (state.CandidateList, error)
    // ReadState read the state on blockchain via protocol
    ReadState(context.Context, protocol.StateManager, []byte, ...[]byte) ([]byte, error)
    // SetContract sets the native staking contract address

Protocol defines the protocol of handling votes

func NewGovernanceChainCommitteeProtocol Uses

func NewGovernanceChainCommitteeProtocol(
    cm protocol.ChainManager,
    electionCommittee committee.Committee,
    initGravityChainHeight uint64,
    getBlockTime GetBlockTime,
    getEpochHeight GetEpochHeight,
    getEpochNum GetEpochNum,
    numCandidateDelegates uint64,
    numDelegates uint64,
    initialCandidatesInterval time.Duration,
) (Protocol, error)

NewGovernanceChainCommitteeProtocol creates a Poll Protocol which fetch result from governance chain

func NewLifeLongDelegatesProtocol Uses

func NewLifeLongDelegatesProtocol(delegates []genesis.Delegate) Protocol

NewLifeLongDelegatesProtocol creates a poll protocol with life long delegates

func NewProtocol Uses

func NewProtocol(
    cfg config.Config,
    cm protocol.ChainManager,
    electionCommittee committee.Committee,
    getBlockTimeFunc GetBlockTime,
    getBlockTipHeightFunc GetTipBlockTime,
    rp *rolldpos.Protocol) (Protocol, error)

NewProtocol instantiates a rewarding protocol instance.

func NewStakingCommittee Uses

func NewStakingCommittee(
    hu config.HeightUpgrade,
    ec committee.Committee,
    gs Protocol,
    cm protocol.ChainManager,
    getTipBlockTime GetTipBlockTime,
    getEpochHeight GetEpochHeight,
    getEpochNum GetEpochNum,
    nativeStakingContractAddress string,
    nativeStakingContractCode string,
    rp *rolldpos.Protocol,
    scoreThreshold *big.Int,
) (Protocol, error)

NewStakingCommittee creates a staking committee which fetch result from governance chain and native staking

type VoteTally Uses

type VoteTally struct {
    Candidates map[[12]byte]*state.Candidate
    Buckets    []*types.Bucket

VoteTally is a map of candidates on native chain

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