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package consensus

import ""


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type Consensus Uses

type Consensus interface {

    HandleConsensusMsg(*iotextypes.ConsensusMessage) error
    ValidateBlockFooter(*block.Block) error
    Metrics() (scheme.ConsensusMetrics, error)
    Active() bool

Consensus is the interface for handling IotxConsensus view change.

func NewConsensus Uses

func NewConsensus(
    cfg config.Config,
    bc blockchain.Blockchain,
    sf factory.Factory,
    opts ...Option,
) (Consensus, error)

NewConsensus creates a IotxConsensus struct.

type IotxConsensus Uses

type IotxConsensus struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

IotxConsensus implements Consensus

func (*IotxConsensus) Activate Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Activate(active bool)

Activate activates or pauses the consensus component

func (*IotxConsensus) Active Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Active() bool

Active returns true if the consensus component is active or false if it stands by

func (*IotxConsensus) Calibrate Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Calibrate(height uint64)

Calibrate triggers an event to calibrate consensus context

func (*IotxConsensus) HandleConsensusMsg Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) HandleConsensusMsg(msg *iotextypes.ConsensusMessage) error

HandleConsensusMsg handles consensus messages

func (*IotxConsensus) Metrics Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Metrics() (scheme.ConsensusMetrics, error)

Metrics returns consensus metrics

func (*IotxConsensus) Scheme Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Scheme() scheme.Scheme

Scheme returns the scheme instance

func (*IotxConsensus) Start Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Start(ctx context.Context) error

Start starts running the consensus algorithm

func (*IotxConsensus) Stop Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) Stop(ctx context.Context) error

Stop stops running the consensus algorithm

func (*IotxConsensus) ValidateBlockFooter Uses

func (c *IotxConsensus) ValidateBlockFooter(blk *block.Block) error

ValidateBlockFooter validates the signatures in block footer

type Option Uses

type Option func(op *optionParams) error

Option sets Consensus construction parameter.

func WithBroadcast Uses

func WithBroadcast(broadcastHandler scheme.Broadcast) Option

WithBroadcast is an option to add broadcast callback to Consensus

func WithPollProtocol Uses

func WithPollProtocol(pp poll.Protocol) Option

WithPollProtocol is an option to register poll protocol

func WithRollDPoSProtocol Uses

func WithRollDPoSProtocol(rp *rp.Protocol) Option

WithRollDPoSProtocol is an option to register rolldpos protocol



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