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package sql

import ""


Package Files

rds.go sqlite3.go storebase.go storebase_tests.go util.go

func ParseSQLRows Uses

func ParseSQLRows(rows *sql.Rows, schema interface{}) ([]interface{}, error)

ParseSQLRows will parse the row

func TestStorePutGet Uses

func TestStorePutGet(sqlStore Store, t *testing.T)

TestStorePutGet define the common test cases for put and get

func TestStoreTransaction Uses

func TestStoreTransaction(sqlStore Store, t *testing.T)

TestStoreTransaction define the common test cases for transaction

type ActionHistory Uses

type ActionHistory struct {
    NodeAddress string
    UserAddress string
    ActionHash  string

ActionHistory define the schema for action history

type Store Uses

type Store interface {

    // Get DB instance
    GetDB() *sql.DB

    // Transact wrap the transaction
    Transact(txFunc func(*sql.Tx) error) (err error)

Store is the interface of KV store.

func NewAwsRDS Uses

func NewAwsRDS(cfg config.RDS) Store

NewAwsRDS instantiates an aws rds

func NewSQLite3 Uses

func NewSQLite3(cfg config.SQLITE3) Store

NewSQLite3 instantiates an sqlite3

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