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package account

import ""


Package Files

account.go accountbalance.go accountcreate.go accountcreateadd.go accountdelete.go accountethaddr.go accountexport.go accountexportpublic.go accountgetvotes.go accountimport.go accountlist.go accountnonce.go accountsign.go accountupdate.go accountverify.go


var AccountCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   "account",
    Short: config.TranslateInLang(accountCmdShorts, config.UILanguage),

AccountCmd represents the account command

var (
    ErrPasswdNotMatch = errors.New("password doesn't match")


func GetAccountMeta Uses

func GetAccountMeta(addr string) (*iotextypes.AccountMeta, error)

GetAccountMeta gets account metadata

func KsAccountToPrivateKey Uses

func KsAccountToPrivateKey(signer, password string) (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

KsAccountToPrivateKey generates our PrivateKey interface from Keystore account

func Sign Uses

func Sign(signer, password, message string) (signedMessage string, err error)

Sign sign message with signer

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