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package action

import ""


Package Files

action.go actionclaim.go actiondeploy.go actiondeposit.go actionhash.go actioninvoke.go actionread.go actionsendraw.go actiontransfer.go stake.go stake2.go stake2create.go stakeadd.go stakecreate.go stakerelease.go stakerenew.go stakewithdraw.go xrc20.go xrc20allowance.go xrc20approve.go xrc20balanceof.go xrc20const.go xrc20totalsupply.go xrc20transfer.go xrc20transferfrom.go


const (
    // Pending action is in the action pool but not executed by blockchain
    Pending actionState = iota
    // Executed action has been run and recorded on blockchain
const MainnetStakingAddress = "io1xpq62aw85uqzrccg9y5hnryv8ld2nkpycc3gza"

MainnetStakingAddress stores native staking address as string


var ActionCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   config.TranslateInLang(actionCmdUses, config.UILanguage),
    Short: config.TranslateInLang(actionCmdShorts, config.UILanguage),

ActionCmd represents the action command

var Stake2Cmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   config.TranslateInLang(stake2CmdUses, config.UILanguage),
    Short: config.TranslateInLang(stake2CmdShorts, config.UILanguage),

Stake2Cmd represent stake2 command

var StakeCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   config.TranslateInLang(stakeCmdUses, config.UILanguage),
    Short: config.TranslateInLang(stakeCmdShorts, config.UILanguage),

StakeCmd represent stake command

var Xrc20Cmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   config.TranslateInLang(xrc20CmdUses, config.UILanguage),
    Short: config.TranslateInLang(xrc20CmdShorts, config.UILanguage),

Xrc20Cmd represent erc20 standard command-line

func Execute Uses

func Execute(contract string, amount *big.Int, bytecode []byte) error

Execute sends signed execution transaction to blockchain

func Match Uses

func Match(in string, matchType string) string

Match returns human readable expression

func Read Uses

func Read(contract address.Address, bytecode []byte) (string, error)

Read reads smart contract on IoTeX blockchain

func SendAction Uses

func SendAction(elp action.Envelope, signer string) error

SendAction sends signed action to blockchain

func SendRaw Uses

func SendRaw(selp *iotextypes.Action) error

SendRaw sends raw action to blockchain

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