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package action

import ""


Package Files

action.go actionclaim.go actiondeploy.go actiondeposit.go actionhash.go actioninvoke.go actionread.go actionsendraw.go actiontransfer.go xrc20.go xrc20allowance.go xrc20approve.go xrc20balanceof.go xrc20const.go xrc20totalsupply.go xrc20transfer.go xrc20transferfrom.go


const (
    // Pending action is in the action pool but not executed by blockchain
    Pending actionState = iota
    // Executed action has been run and recorded on blockchain


var ActionCmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   "action",
    Short: "Manage actions of IoTeX blockchain",

ActionCmd represents the action command

var Xrc20Cmd = &cobra.Command{
    Use:   "xrc20",
    Short: "Supporting ERC20 standard command-line from ioctl",

Xrc20Cmd represent erc20 standard command-line

func Execute Uses

func Execute(contract string, amount *big.Int, bytecode []byte) error

Execute sends signed execution transaction to blockchain

func Match Uses

func Match(in string, matchType string) string

Match returns human readable expression

func Read Uses

func Read(contract address.Address, bytecode []byte) (string, error)

Read reads smart contract on IoTeX blockchain

func SendAction Uses

func SendAction(elp action.Envelope, signer string) error

SendAction sends signed action to blockchain

func SendRaw Uses

func SendRaw(selp *iotextypes.Action) error

SendRaw sends raw action to blockchain

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