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package validator

import ""


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const (
    // IoAddrLen defines length of IoTeX address
    IoAddrLen = 41


var (
    // ErrInvalidAddr indicates error for an invalid address
    ErrInvalidAddr = errors.New("invalid IoTeX address")
    // ErrLongAlias indicates error for a long alias more than 40 characters
    ErrLongAlias = errors.New("invalid long alias that is more than 40 characters")
    // ErrNonPositiveNumber indicates error for a non-positive number
    ErrNonPositiveNumber = errors.New("invalid number that is not positive")
    // ErrInvalidStakeDuration indicates error for invalid stake duration
    ErrInvalidStakeDuration = errors.New("stake duration must be within 0 and 1050 and in multiples of 7")
    // ErrInvalidCandidateName indicates error for invalid candidate name
    ErrLongCandidateName = errors.New("invalid length of candidate name that is more than 12 ")
    // ErrInvalidCandidateName indicates error for invalid candidate name (for ioctl stake2 command)
    ErrStake2CandidateName = errors.New("the candidate name string is not valid")


func ValidateAddress Uses

func ValidateAddress(addr string) error

ValidateAddress validates IoTeX address

func ValidateAlias Uses

func ValidateAlias(alias string) error

ValidateAlias validates alias for account

func ValidateCandidateName Uses

func ValidateCandidateName(candidateName string) error

ValidateCandidateName validates candidate name for native staking

func ValidateCandidateNameForStake2 Uses

func ValidateCandidateNameForStake2(candidateName string) error

ValidateCandidateNameForStake2 validates candidate name for native staking 2

func ValidatePositiveNumber Uses

func ValidatePositiveNumber(number int64) error

ValidatePositiveNumber validates positive Number for action

func ValidateStakeDuration Uses

func ValidateStakeDuration(stakeDuration *big.Int) error

ValidateStakeDuration validates stake duration for native staking

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