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package cmdutil

import "github.com/ipfn/go-ipfn-cmd-util"

Package cmdutil implements command line utilities.


Package Files

args.go cmd.go prompts.go

func ArgDefault Uses

func ArgDefault(args []string, n int, def string) string

ArgDefault - Returns Nth argument or a default.

func PromptConfirmed Uses

func PromptConfirmed(entity string, fn func(string) error) string

PromptConfirmed - Prompts for a value confirmed with function.

func PromptLine Uses

func PromptLine(entity string) (_ string, err error)

PromptLine - Prompts for entire line.

func PromptPassword Uses

func PromptPassword(entity string) string

PromptPassword - Prompts for masked password.

func PromptPasswordRepeated Uses

func PromptPasswordRepeated(entity string) string

PromptPasswordRepeated - Prompts for masked repeated password.

func WrapCommand Uses

func WrapCommand(fn func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error) func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string)

WrapCommand - Wraps cobra command function with error handler.


loggerPackage logger implements logging helpers.

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