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package cidutil

import "github.com/ipfs/go-cidutil"


Package Files

format.go inline.go set.go slice.go


const FormatRef = "" /* 708 byte string literal not displayed */

FormatRef is a string documenting the format string for the Format function

func Format Uses

func Format(fmtStr string, base mb.Encoding, cid c.Cid) (string, error)

Format formats a cid according to the format specificer as documented in the FormatRef constant

func ScanForCid Uses

func ScanForCid(buf []byte) (i, j int, cid c.Cid, cidStr string)

ScanForCid scans bytes for anything resembling a CID. If one is found `i` will point to the begging of the cid and `j` to to the end and the cid will be returned, otherwise `i` and `j` will point the end of the buffer and the cid will be `Undef`.

func Sort Uses

func Sort(s []cid.Cid)

Sort sorts a slice of CIDs

type FormatStringError Uses

type FormatStringError struct {
    Message   string
    Specifier string

FormatStringError is the error return from Format when the format string is ill formed

func (FormatStringError) Error Uses

func (e FormatStringError) Error() string

type InlineBuilder Uses

type InlineBuilder struct {
    cid.Builder     // Parent Builder
    Limit       int // Limit (inclusive)

InlineBuilder is a cid.Builder that will use the id multihash when the size of the content is no more than limit

func (InlineBuilder) Sum Uses

func (p InlineBuilder) Sum(data []byte) (cid.Cid, error)

Sum implements the cid.Builder interface

func (InlineBuilder) WithCodec Uses

func (p InlineBuilder) WithCodec(c uint64) cid.Builder

WithCodec implements the cid.Builder interface

type Set Uses

type Set = c.Set

func NewSet Uses

func NewSet() *Set

type Slice Uses

type Slice []cid.Cid

Slice is a convenience type for sorting CIDs

func (Slice) Len Uses

func (s Slice) Len() int

func (Slice) Less Uses

func (s Slice) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Slice) Sort Uses

func (s Slice) Sort()

func (Slice) Swap Uses

func (s Slice) Swap(i, j int)

type StreamingSet Uses

type StreamingSet struct {
    Set *Set
    New chan c.Cid

StreamingSet is an extension of Set which allows to implement back-pressure for the Visit function

func NewStreamingSet Uses

func NewStreamingSet() *StreamingSet

NewStreamingSet initializes and returns new Set.

func (*StreamingSet) Visitor Uses

func (s *StreamingSet) Visitor(ctx context.Context) func(c c.Cid) bool

Visitor creates new visitor which adds a Cids to the set and emits them to the set.New channel



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