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package bootstrap

import "github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/core/bootstrap"


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var DefaultBootstrapConfig = BootstrapConfig{
    MinPeerThreshold:  4,
    Period:            30 * time.Second,
    ConnectionTimeout: (30 * time.Second) / 3,

DefaultBootstrapConfig specifies default sane parameters for bootstrapping.

var ErrNotEnoughBootstrapPeers = errors.New("not enough bootstrap peers to bootstrap")

ErrNotEnoughBootstrapPeers signals that we do not have enough bootstrap peers to bootstrap correctly.

func Bootstrap Uses

func Bootstrap(id peer.ID, host host.Host, rt routing.Routing, cfg BootstrapConfig) (io.Closer, error)

Bootstrap kicks off IpfsNode bootstrapping. This function will periodically check the number of open connections and -- if there are too few -- initiate connections to well-known bootstrap peers. It also kicks off subsystem bootstrapping (i.e. routing).

type BootstrapConfig Uses

type BootstrapConfig struct {
    // MinPeerThreshold governs whether to bootstrap more connections. If the
    // node has less open connections than this number, it will open connections
    // to the bootstrap nodes. From there, the routing system should be able
    // to use the connections to the bootstrap nodes to connect to even more
    // peers. Routing systems like the IpfsDHT do so in their own Bootstrap
    // process, which issues random queries to find more peers.
    MinPeerThreshold int

    // Period governs the periodic interval at which the node will
    // attempt to bootstrap. The bootstrap process is not very expensive, so
    // this threshold can afford to be small (<=30s).
    Period time.Duration

    // ConnectionTimeout determines how long to wait for a bootstrap
    // connection attempt before cancelling it.
    ConnectionTimeout time.Duration

    // BootstrapPeers is a function that returns a set of bootstrap peers
    // for the bootstrap process to use. This makes it possible for clients
    // to control the peers the process uses at any moment.
    BootstrapPeers func() []peer.AddrInfo

BootstrapConfig specifies parameters used in an IpfsNode's network bootstrapping process.

func BootstrapConfigWithPeers Uses

func BootstrapConfigWithPeers(pis []peer.AddrInfo) BootstrapConfig

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