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package republisher

import "github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/namesys/republisher"


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const DefaultRecordLifetime = time.Hour * 24

DefaultRecordLifetime is the default lifetime for IPNS records


var DefaultRebroadcastInterval = time.Hour * 4

DefaultRebroadcastInterval is the default interval at which we rebroadcast IPNS records

var FailureRetryInterval = time.Minute * 5

FailureRetryInterval is the interval at which we retry IPNS records broadcasts (when they fail)

var InitialRebroadcastDelay = time.Minute * 1

InitialRebroadcastDelay is the delay before first broadcasting IPNS records on start

type Republisher Uses

type Republisher struct {
    Interval time.Duration

    // how long records that are republished should be valid for
    RecordLifetime time.Duration
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRepublisher Uses

func NewRepublisher(ns namesys.Publisher, ds ds.Datastore, self ic.PrivKey, ks keystore.Keystore) *Republisher

NewRepublisher creates a new Republisher

func (*Republisher) Run Uses

func (rp *Republisher) Run(proc goprocess.Process)

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