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package resolve

import "github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/namesys/resolve"


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var ErrNoNamesys = errors.New(
    "core/resolve: no Namesys on IpfsNode - can't resolve ipns entry")

ErrNoNamesys is an explicit error for when an IPFS node doesn't (yet) have a name system

func Resolve Uses

func Resolve(ctx context.Context, nsys namesys.NameSystem, r *resolver.Resolver, p path.Path) (format.Node, error)

Resolve resolves the given path by parsing out protocol-specific entries (e.g. /ipns/<node-key>) and then going through the /ipfs/ entries and returning the final node.

func ResolveIPNS Uses

func ResolveIPNS(ctx context.Context, nsys namesys.NameSystem, p path.Path) (path.Path, error)

ResolveIPNS resolves /ipns paths

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