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package plugin

import "github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/plugin"


Package Files

daemon.go datastore.go ipld.go plugin.go tracer.go

type Environment Uses

type Environment struct {
    // Path to the IPFS repo.
    Repo string

    // The plugin's config, if specified.
    Config interface{}

Environment is the environment passed into the plugin on init.

type Plugin Uses

type Plugin interface {
    // Name should return unique name of the plugin
    Name() string

    // Version returns current version of the plugin
    Version() string

    // Init is called once when the Plugin is being loaded
    // The plugin is passed an environment containing the path to the
    // (possibly uninitialized) IPFS repo and the plugin's config.
    Init(env *Environment) error

Plugin is the base interface for all kinds of go-ipfs plugins It will be included in interfaces of different Plugins

Optionally, Plugins can implement io.Closer if they want to have a termination step when unloading.

type PluginDaemon Uses

type PluginDaemon interface {

    Start(coreiface.CoreAPI) error

PluginDaemon is an interface for daemon plugins. These plugins will be run on the daemon and will be given access to an implementation of the CoreAPI.

type PluginDatastore Uses

type PluginDatastore interface {

    DatastoreTypeName() string
    DatastoreConfigParser() fsrepo.ConfigFromMap

PluginDatastore is an interface that can be implemented to add handlers for for different datastores

type PluginIPLD Uses

type PluginIPLD interface {

    RegisterBlockDecoders(dec ipld.BlockDecoder) error
    RegisterInputEncParsers(iec coredag.InputEncParsers) error

PluginIPLD is an interface that can be implemented to add handlers for for different IPLD formats

type PluginTracer Uses

type PluginTracer interface {

    InitTracer() (opentracing.Tracer, error)

PluginTracer is an interface that can be implemented to add a tracer



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